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Professional photo printing for Brisbane and region



Select Your Image

Select your favourite image and check it is suitable quality and resolution (file size) for the canvas you want to print!  Also check the orientation – portrait, landscape or panorama.


Calculate Your Size

Calculate the size you require and then select from our range of beautiful print finishes. Decide whether you would like your photo framed and choose your frame colour and glass type.


Complete Your Order

You’re now ready – simply fill in our order form below, upload your image, make payment and get ready for your beautiful new print to arrive! It will be packed with the utmost care.


We’ve worked hard to make this process as simple as possible, but there are some basic steps you can take to ensure you get the result you’re after.

At home, you can prepare your images for development by applying any necessary edits or retouching you made need. Remember that once they have been created, the results can’t be altered, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your images are print-ready.

In particular, it’s important to observe a couple of basic elements of your image, to ensure the end result will be exactly what you have in mind. This includes:

  • Overall colour: Double-check that all shades and colours aren’t oversaturated, or undersaturated. Heavy colours (like red) can often become overwhelming, once printed, while cooler colours taking centre stage in your image might be further exaggerated, once the piece has been developed.
  • Contrast: Carefully weak the contrast of your images during editing, but be sure not to go overboard. The same applies for sharpness and brightness.
  • Size and resolution: If you’re looking for services like this, it’s likely you already have a size for your image in mind. Remember that there may be limitations that depend on the resolution of your picture. If you want it to be larger scale and still high-quality, you’ll need to make sure the resolution is significantly higher than usual.

Above all, if you’re not sure where to start, we recommend getting in touch with the experts at Southern Cross.


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Important notes :

a) Copyright

A photograph is copyright protected from any unauthorized reproduction through print, distribution, public display or manipulations. Copyright protects the rights of the photographer / artist, from another intending to use a photograph without their knowledge and permission.

We take COPYRIGHT seriously at Southern Cross Printing, and respect the work of all artists. Please ensure that the work you submit for printing is yours to rightfully do so.

b) Image Quality

We ask you to remember that whilst we take every care to ensure that any artefacts are removed from your supplied image files ( i.e. Dust spots etc ) , if we should miss some prior to print, ultimately it is your responsibility to supply files that are print ready, and therefore blemish free.

c) Variation

With all image printing and various treatments and materials used – there may be slight colour variations. We will use our expertise and experience to maintain the image to as close as original as possible.